Your consumers are not looking for products. They are looking for solutions. The customers today are highly distracted, constantly connected and are consuming content at high-speed. Add to this the new reality of the #Coronavirus pandemic, and you have a hot viral mess spreading all across your marketing plans.

Therefore, going back to our first statement, we want to reiterate an important fact. And if you’re working for a company, please note- It’s in your brand’s best interest to show concern for your consumers instead of the latest most upgraded version of your flagship product.

Businesses cannot push for sales at the moment. But they can push to at least come across as genuine, thoughtful, sensitive and even real. Believe it or not, if customers feel that a company genuinely cares for them, they will convert at some point. This is a good time to sow positive top-of-mind recall and its value is priceless.

The biggest brands are not selling. They are making a connection, and rightfully so.

Here are some of our favourite ads from Facebook, Apple and Budweiser that communicate beautifully during these times.

Budweiser | One Team

Apple | Creativity goes on

Facebook | We’re never lost if we can find each other.

If you’re looking to set up campaigns that strike a chord with your target audience and build an engaged community that drives conversions in the future, we can help. Reach out to us and our performance management experts will get back to you on how to use these adverse times to create a lasting impact for your brand on various digital platforms.